Sri Lanka captain Kumar

On Sunday, IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals named Kumar Sangakkara, the Sri Lankan batting great as the director of cricket for the forthcoming season.

The current President of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), Kumar Sangakkara, will be responsible for overseeing the franchise's entire cricketing ecosystem, including the coaching structure, team strategy and auction plans, the discovery and development of talent, and the development of the Royal Academy in Nagpur as well.

Kumar Sangakkara commented that to oversee the cricket strategy of a franchise in the world’s leading cricket competition, as well as creating the development programmes and cricketing infrastructure that will provide the future foundation of the IPL side's on-field success, is a chance that really motivated him.

Kumar Sangakkara, one of the greats of the modern game, scored over 28,000 runs over a tremendously successful 16-year career for Sri Lanka and has the highest Test batting average of any cricket player in the last 46 years.

In the coming season, Sanju Samson, who replaced Australian Steve Smith as the Rajasthan Royals’ captain, was pleased to have the veteran keeper on board.great. He commented that it is delightful to have an all-time wicketkeeping great with them, Sangakkara is someone who's donned many hats, he was an excellent keeper-batsman.

He added that Sangakkara is someone who's showing good character both on and off the field and the values that one associates with him are the same which they embody at Rajasthan Royals.

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